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Places + Insights

The Recreational Space

A significant opportunity exists to transform underutilized outdoor space into destinations and experiences that breathe new life into individuals, families, and their communities.  It is essential for people of all ages to find places to escape—to laugh, play, let loose, and well, just have fun. Recreation should be an integral part of everyday life, but with the pace of life in today's increasingly connected world, this can be a challenge. 

The prominence, frequency, and layout of recreational spaces have a great effect on where and how often play happens. This shapes the cultures of communities and can inform an individual's choice of one location over another. By activating idle outdoor public areas to invite to invite the spirit of play, we can inspire remarkable city cultures that, in turn, meaningfully enhance the value of surrounding areas. Landscape Forms provides a variety of solutions and tools to create these momentary, yet impactful opportunities for renewal in outdoor spaces.


Thought Starters, Insights and Projects

To inspire and illustrate how we can create more stimulating and buoyant recreational environments together, we’d like to share some thought starters, insights, and project installations, all incorporating the many years of experience we have in collaboratively and innovatively designing for the outdoor space.

Thought Starters

Fitness Micro-Park

Community Courtyard

Splash Pad

Rooftop Deck

Skate Park

Neighborhood Park

Resort Villa

Bicycle Station 2

Recreational Space Insights

Invite Play by creating settings where people of all generations can share in laughter, physical activity, singing and discovery.

Nurture Engagement by offering individuals, small groups and large groups the opportunity to interact physically, mentally and socially with the landscape.

Facilitate Community Harmony by providing parks and landscapes that provide active space, respite space, and points of connection and discovery between inhabitants and visitors.

Establish a Sense of Security by creating safe environments for people and their belongings, releasing the mind to experience the full benefits of the outdoors.

Make Memorable Experiences by fully engaging multiple senses with physical elements.

By creating a variety of frameworks that encourage laughter, social interaction, physical activity, and retreat, public and private entities can imbue their communities with activities that nourish the soul. 

Howard Park

South Bend, IN


San Antonio, TX

Scottsdale Civic Center

Scottsdale, AZ

Old City Park

Greenwood, IN

Chase Center

San Francisco, CA

Ball Band Biergarten

Mishawaka, IN

Heart of the City

Rochester, MN

Switchyard Park

Bloomington, IN

Times Square

New York, NY

Harmony Bridge

Bixby, OK

The Park

Las Vegas, NV

Barclays Center Plaza

Brooklyn, NY

US Open

Queens, NY

Scissortail Park

Oklahoma City, OK

Monon Boulevard & Midtown Plaza

Carmel, IN

Kincaide Park

Quincy, MA

St. Andrews Playground

Toronto, Ontario

Kingswood Park

Mason, OH

Phoenix Suns Center

Phoenix, AZ

Half Street

Washington, DC