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Our Identity. Our Passion. Our Purpose.

A Living Legacy

Landscape architect, John Chipman Sr., loved the great outdoors and was passionate about design. More than fifty years ago he brought these passions together and founded Landscape Forms, a company with a purpose to create beautifully designed furniture for outdoor spaces. John and his landscape architect friends were the first product designers, and his landscaping construction workers the first craftsmen. It was a company founded on design and people, and that legacy continues on.

Today, Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated solutions of high-design site furniture, advanced LED lighting, structure, and custom environments. We create solutions that help designers and other clients achieve beautiful, functional landscapes that enhance the experience of outdoor space. 

Our secret is simple. 

Design, Culture and Craft drive everything we do.


Design is our identity and our driving inspiration, fueled by our spirit of innovation and collaboration with world-class design professionals. 


Culture is our shared passion and common ground, a commitment to participation, responsibility and integrity that unites and inspires us.


Craft is our merging of art and technology at the highest level, an unparalleled level of skill, precision and pride made evident in everything we create.

Every Day, Every Step of the Way

We artfully connect people to nature, knowing that time spent outside benefits us on the inside.

We proudly design and manufacture in the USA, continuing the tradition of outstanding American craftsmanship.

We are a modern craft manufacturer, blending artisanal craftsmanship with innovative technology.

We practice and advocate for social responsibility and equity, creating equal opportunities for all.

We work to continuously improve our sustainability, creating a healthier planet and a better future for everyone.

We are committed to thoughtful and virtuous design, rooting our solutions in the ways that people want to engage with the outdoors.

And we keep our promises, guaranteeing satisfaction in ways that go well beyond our gold standard warranty.

Our Brands

We believe that everything we do, and everything we create, should be done with intentionality.

This intentionality is captured in our core values of Design, Culture and Craft as the foundation upon which our entire organization stands.