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Places + Insights

The School Campus

How we learn is changing, and new learning spaces must support an evolving educational process that prioritizes engagement, inspiration and interpersonal connection. K-12 schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions all aspire to deliver increasingly enriched experiences on campus. Historical teaching models are moving toward more collaborative approaches of active learning, and while technology is enabling communication from anywhere, it is also impacting the quality and nature of in-person social interactions. 

So as parents, students, teachers and staff all rightfully ask more from academic experiences, schools are seeking new ways to inspire, engage, connect, stimulate and empower. Landscape Forms provides the building blocks to optimize these experiences outdoors, leveraging the potential of the outdoor campus to cultivate new and innovative academic environments.


Thought Starters, Insights and Projects

To inspire and illustrate how we can create more enriching and flexible school environments together, we’d like to share some thought starters, insights, and project installations, all incorporating the many years of experience we have in collaboratively and innovatively designing for the outdoor space.

Thought Starters

Plaza 1

Classroom 3-4

Oasis 1

Oasis 2

Touchdown 1

Huddle 3

Touchdown 3

Oasis 4


Huddle 1

Huddle 2


Forum 1


Plaza 2

School Campus Insights

Encourage Active Learning by creating dynamic spaces that facilitate a multitude of opportunities for presentation, conversation and collaboration.

Inspire Creativity by designing immersive connections to nature both during periods of instruction and throughout periods of respite. 

Stimulate Social Interactions by creating comfortable and reassuring spaces that enable natural postures and face-to-face connections.

Facilitate Continuous Learning by thoughtfully connecting campus space such that education can occur inside, outside and in between classrooms.

Enhance Well-Being by connecting people to natural light, fresh air, and nature for moments of respite and rejuvenation.

By using these strategies to create engaging outdoor settings that welcome a variety of different types of instruction, interaction, postures and experiences, educational institutions of all levels can ignite more inspiring and stimulating learning methods. 

College of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

Academies of Loudoun

Loudoun County, Virginia

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Green Bay, WI

Madison Area Technical College

Madison, WI

ASU Tooker House

Tempe, AZ

Rowan College

Mount Laurel, NJ

Texas A&M

College Station, TX

Hope College

Holland, MI

The Lofts of Washington University

St. Louis, MO

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

Austin Central Public Library

Austin, TX

Boston University

Boston, MA

Texas Tech University

Midland, TX

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI