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Forum 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Forum is an area designed for presentations and performances, and is designed to encourage active learning.  Well-designed environments can encourage today's active approach of constructing knowledge together by supporting effective presentation and collaboration methods.

  1. Forum seating is typically configured to optimize viewing of presentations, films or performances.
  2. The presentaion area flanks a building to provide shade and utilities for presenters or performers.
  3. Vertical glass surfaces (custom element) become surfaces for annotation or, when partnered with a short throw projector, can allow for teaching or recreational film viewing.
  4. Parallel 42 benches are configured to face the primary presentation area. They support active learning by providing ample, flexible seating surfaces and a convenient place for personal items such as backpacks. This bench configuration supports a range of activities from presentations to a variety of postures for large group breakouts.
  5. Parc Centre tables support interactivity by providing functional space for writing, storage of personal items, and use of digital devices.
  6. A Chipman standing-height table and Chipman stool provide the presenter with a refined working and seating surface that can be moved to adapt to the presentation.
  7. A combination of Chipman stools and the Jessie rails support more active standing and perching postures for un-obstructed views from the back.
  8. Signage provides campus wide wayfinding and identification of available settings which eases navigation.
  9. LEO lighting provides the opportunity for customized lighting scenes to heighten engagement for a variety of presentations and types of collaboration.
  10. Loop bike racks support campus transit by providing secure bike storage.
  11. CPC litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  12. Plantscaping and hardscaping define the Forum and provide a degree of boundary.
  13. Outdoor charging stations adjacent to rails, benches, table and stools provide convenient access to power and USB charging.