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Places + Insights

The Corporate Campus

People's relationship with work is changing. And by evolving our workplaces in parallel, we’re welcoming a new era that is healthier, more balanced, more connected, more nimble, and more productive. As work evolves, the definition of the workplace is no longer confined within four walls. By activating outdoor space to attract, retain, and sustain the best employees, businesses can enhance corporate culture, solidify brand identity, and drive innovation. 

Outdoor workspaces support better work-life integration, empower innovation and collaboration, and make meaningful contributions to employee well-being and satisfaction. Landscape Forms has long been a leader in making these spaces a reality, providing all the resources necessary to create productive, inspired outdoor workspaces that amplify the performance of people, teams and enterprise.


Thought Starters, Insights and Projects

To inspire and illustrate how we can create healthier and more stimulating work environments together, we’d like to share some thought starters, insights, and project installations, all incorporating the many years of experience we have in collaboratively and innovatively designing for the outdoor space.

Thought Starters

Courtyard 1

Workshop 2

Meeting Space 1

Oasis 3

Workshop 1

Meeting Space 2

Forum 2

Corporate Campus Insights

Promote Well-Being connecting people to natural light, fresh air, and nature throughout the workday to create a sense of belonging, encourage personal mindfulness, and foster rejuvenation.

Enhance Work Experiences by providing open, thriving, and natural settings that facilitate informal peer-to-peer connections. 

Nurture Fulfillment by fostering daily relationship building interactions that enrich professional development, accelerate personal growth, and strengthen work-life integration.

Stimulate Innovation by providing a palette of settings that enable connection and interaction with nature, sparking intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Build Culture by providing a variety of outdoor work settings that nurture healthy interpersonal work relationships, increase productivity, and improve morale. 

Effective outdoor workplaces give employees all of the things that they need most—access to each other, the right tools and technologies, and settings that offer inspiration, choice, and control. 

10x Genomics

Pleasonton, CA

816 Congress

Austin, TX

Crown Castle Campus

Canonsburg, PA

ProMedica Campus

Toledo, OH

The Foundry

Kalamazoo, MI

Marina Heights

Tempe, AZ

Wells Fargo Campus

West Des Moines, IA

Pacific Center Campus

San Diego, CA

Partners HealthCare

Washington, DC

US Bank Plaza

Madison, WI

Go Daddy Campus

Tempe, AZ

Growers Square

Walnut Creek, CA

Ford Experience Center

Dearborn, MI

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

San Antonio, TX

Oracle Waterfront Campus

Austin, TX

1550 & 1600 Office Towers

St. Louis, MN

The Hub

Denver, CO