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Courtyard 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Courtyard is a social hub where groups of people gather to work or connect with one another.  It provides open, thriving, and natural settings that enhance work experiences by facilitating informal peer-to-peer connections. These connections, in turn, nurture a sense of fulfillment by fostering daily relationship-building interactions that enrich professional development, accelerate personal growth, and strengthen work-life integration.

  1. Indoor/outdoor courtyard offers a broad choice of informal settings and postures that prompt informal peer-to-peer connections.
  2. Living wall and retractable doors (custom elements) intertwine indoors and outdoors.
  3. Coffee shop and interactive media stations prompt social connections.
  4. A range of furniture settings including Parc Centre tables, Chipman chairs, Chipman stools and Socrates benches provide choice and variety in location for socializing, dining, and touchdown work which enhance connections between co-workers.
  5. MultipliCITY tables, MultipliCITY benches and TUUCI umbrellas offer a shaded gathering place.
  6. GO OutdoorTables with Chipman stools provide long communal work platforms that facilitate casual meetings, offer power for mobile devices, and spark interaction between individual co-workers.
  7. Trapecio benches and Silla chairs face a fireplace for relaxed conversation with others.
  8. Chipman tables and Chipman chairs provide a comfortable, casual setting for relationship building through meeting, working, or eating together.
  9. FGP pedestrian lights illuminate the courtyard for extended daily use.
  10. FGP litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  11. Rosa planters create a softened boundary, offer a habitat for flowers, and engage visual and olfactory senses to create a comfortable and inspiring setting.
  12. Outdoor charging stations adjacent to tables and benches provide convenient access to power and USB charging.