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Places + Insights

The Community and Public Space

In public and community settings, activating outdoor space presents a powerful opportunity to make daily life feel even more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. And with today’s busy, over-stressed and desk-bound lifestyle, these are exactly the experiences that people actively seek for their well-being. 

People are hungry for opportunities to connect with themselves, nature, and one another, but often lack space, time, and resources. Landscape Forms provides the inspiration and solutions to create immersive outdoor public environments that enrich the overall quality of life, provide people the opportunity to integrate the outdoors into their daily routines, and help them form deeper connections with nature and with one another. 


Thought Starters, Insights and Projects

To inspire and illustrate how we can create more fulfilling and energizing community and public spaces together, we’d like to share some thought starters, insights, and project installations, all incorporating the many years of experience we have in collaboratively and innovatively designing for the outdoor space.

Thought Starters

Main Street Plaza 1

Linear Park

Sculpture Park

Waterfront Deck

Main Street Plaza 2

Downtown Plaza

Pocket Park

Terrace Garden

Community and Public Space Insights

Promote Well-Being by designing spaces that intertwine indoor and outdoor living. This connection to nature initiates a sense of belonging, encourages personal mindfulness, and stimulates rejuvenation.

Enhance Identity & Lifestyle by creating immersive and nature-rich outdoor experiences that offer an inspiring retreat from daily life, sparking the meaningful interactions that support family and community. 

Encourage Presence in the Moment by incorporating purposeful interventions that encourage people to slow down, reflect and commune with nature. 

Stimulate Activity by developing magnetic downtown areas that sustain people, economies, and infrastructures and humanize experiences through fun, play, art and exploration.

Offer an Oasis by leveraging nature to create vital opportunities for pause, stimulating the physical, cognitive, and emotional revitalization that people need.

By leveraging these strategies, landscape architects, architects, designers, and planners have the unique opportunity to make significant contributions to the overall quality of life and community. 

Portranco Library

San Antonio, TX

Albany Skyway

Albany, NY

Hillsdale North Block

San Mateo, CA

City of Fremont

Fremont, CA

Brotherhood Way Park

San Francisco, CA

ProMedica Campus and Promenade Park

Toledo, OH

Bay Meadows Residences

San Mateo, CA

Pier 26 in Hudson Park River

New York City, NY

69th Street Plaza

Wauwatosa, WI

Central Park

New York City, NY

25 Kent Street

Brooklyn, NY

Tanforan Memorial

San Bruno, CA

Pier 17

New York City, NY

Crossing DC

Washington, DC

388 Greenwich Plaza

New York City, NY

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Washington, DC

Rose Run Park

New Albany, OH

Hancock Adams Common

Quincy, MA

The Hub

Denver, CO

Grand Junction Plaza

Westfield, IN

First Street Napa

Napa, CA

Smoky Hollow

Raleigh, NC

Nickel Plate Trail

Fishers, IN

Columbus Center Plaza

Coral Gables, FL

Madison Station

Charleston, SC

Boulder Junction - Depot Square

Boulder, CO


Nashville, TN


New Orleans, LA

16th Street Mall

Denver, CO

Hillsdale North Block and Shopping Center

San Mateo, CA

Brightleaf Square

Durham, NC

Town Branch Commons

Lexington, KY

Pacific Plaza

Dallas, TX

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan, OH

Greer Station

Greer, SC