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Why Outside?

For us, the answer is “Why not?”

The benefits of enhancing outdoor space touch all aspects of daily life, meaningfully improving the ways in which we live, learn, work, care, play and travel. And by imbuing these spaces with an inspiring connection to nature, all of these benefits become even more profound.

Support health, wellbeing and resilience by connecting people to natural light, fresh air, and green space for moments of respite and rejuvenation.

Stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and exploration by providing a palette of settings that prioritize a connection to the natural landscape.

Nurture a sense of personal fulfillment by creating welcoming settings that bring people together and foster daily social activity. 

Improve the quality of life by designing settings that encourage people to slow down, reflect and be present in the moment. 

Design magnetic public outdoor spaces that sustain people, economies, and communities by providing opportunities for fun, play, art, exploration and interaction.

Like you, we get the outdoor space.