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Places + Insights

The Transit Site

An enormous opportunity exists to increase ridership by designing a more engaging, more responsive and more human-centric outdoor transit experience.  While public transportation will always be about moving people, emerging transit models are inspiring broadened concepts with meaningful new propositions. Intuitively, we know that the use of public transportation can reduce traffic, lessen commute times and decrease emissions, but the benefits go far deeper. 

Designing for an expanded view of public transit and all the ways it connects people to their communities can have vast positive economic, environmental, and social implications. To support this paradigm shift, Landscape Forms provides strategies and tools to create more holistic, well-designed transit ecosystems that can significantly enrich the living and working conditions of daily life.


Thought Starters, Insights and Projects

To inspire and illustrate how we can create more enriching and destressing transit experiences together, we’d like to share some thought starters, insights, and project installations, all incorporating the many years of experience we have in collaboratively and innovatively designing for the outdoor space.

Thought Starters

Bicycle Station 1

Walkways and Connections

Suburban Station 2

Regional Station 2

Gathering Area Plaza

Urban Station 2

Suburban Station 1

Urban Station 3

Regional Station 1

Transit Site Insights

Reduce Stress by providing settings that stimulate moments of respite and relaxation.

Spark Social Interactions by including design interventions that connect people to cultivate a memorable and humanized transit process.

Enable Productivity by providing frameworks for transit that offer provisions to accommodate basic human needs and enable continuous productivity.

Establish a Sense of Security by creating environments that reinforce basic personal safety and security of belongings to enhance the journey.

By applying these strategies, we believe that public transportation can be a positive, frictionless, and even rejuvenating process. We couple an understanding of design with expertise in fabrication to support the immense opportunity that exists for forward thinking transit authorities and design firms. 

Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Grand Rapids, MI

Lakeview Low Line

Chicago, IL

S-Line Streetcar

Salt Lake City, UT

TriMet Orange Line

Portland, OR

Coachella Valley Link

Cathedral City, CA

Montgomery County Transit

Montgomery County, MD

Jet Blue Park

Queens, NY

TriMet FX-2 Division

Portland, OR