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Gathering Area Plaza

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Insights and Solutions

The Gathering Area Plaza is a gathering and waiting area, and gateway for transit with focused activity zones complemented by quiet sections for seating.  By incorporating design interventions that spark social interactions, a more memorable and humanized transit process can be cultivated in spaces like this.

  1. A transit plaza is scaled to facilitate social events, performances, and large volumes of commuters.
  2. Perimeter businesses provide services, add a sense of security, and play a key role in defining the experience of how people connect.
  3. Providing choice in multiple seating areas, water features, and landscaping contributes to a more humanized, engaging transit experience.
  4. Levit benches are configured for viewing performances.
  5. Catena chairs and Parc Centre tables provide a space for social gathering.
  6. Chipman tables and Chipman chairs offer a casual place for dining with others.
  7. GO OutdoorTables with canopies and Chipman stools provide standing and perched options for spontaneous interaction, and power for mobile devices.
  8. Arne lighting can be aimed to feature focal points on performance areas.
  9. Planters ground seating areas and soften hardscapes with colorful flowers and other green plantings.
  10. Ring bike racks support additional options for transit by providing secure bike storage.
  11. Austin litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  12. A children's water spray platform is a key focal point that doubles as a dry area for planned performances.
  13. Jessie rails with Chipman stools support casual postures and conversation while people-watching.
  14. Outdoor charging stations adjacent to table, rails, chairs and benches provide convenient access to power and USB charging.