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Walkways and Connections

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Insights and Solutions

The Walkways and Connections provide safe, convenient, and comfortable pedestrian transitions between transit stations and surrounding areas. Providing settings like this stimulate moments of respite and relaxation, and reduces stress for travelers and commuters.

  1. Small seating oases are positioned away from the main walkway, safely bounded by elevated landscaping and Sentinel bollards.
  2. Sorella planters add color near storefronts, offer a stress-reducing connection to nature, and provide a welcoming boundary around the periphery of outdoor dining areas.
  3. Stay benches with backs provide comfortable face-to-face seating to enhance social interactions.
  4. Loop bike racks are positioned in a secure location off the pedestrian walkway.
  5. Catena tables and Verona chairs and Equinox umbrellas provide a shaded, relaxing dining experience.
  6. Parc Centre tables and Parc Centre chairs offer a casual seating area for respite.
  7. GO OutdoorTables with Chipman stools give the commuter a comfortable off-path break while staying powered with USB and GFCI outlets.
  8. Generously scaled walkways provide ample space for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to seating areas in front of cafés and restaurants.
  9. Chase Park litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  10. Plentiful landscaping stimulates visual senses and connects people with nature for rejuvenation.
  11. Area lighting is scaled to safely and effectively illuminate walkways throughout the day and night.
  12. Outdoor Charging Stations adjacent to benches, tables and chairs provide convenient access to power and USB charging.