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Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Grand Rapids, MI

Landscape Forms Elements:

Typology Ring Lights, Slope Wall Mount Lights, Generation 50 Litters, Connect Rails, Aspect Planters

Team Members:

Shoreline Power Service, Wesco Distributors 

Pete McDaniel, Proton Studio

When the facilities and maintenance team planned a 2022 update to the entrance of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI, a wow factor was one of its goals. The staff gravitated to Typology Ring Lights for their ability to act as a sculptural element during the day and a striking aesthetic at night. A cadence of single and double Ring fixtures provides both light for the street and for the sidewalk.  Slope Wall Mount Lights add a sleek, architectural look to the terminal façade. 

Wood surfaces on Generation 50 Litters and Connect Rails add warmth to the architecture and complement the building’s mix of materials. The lights, litters, and rails share a silver finish. Groups of Kornegay Aspect planters line the entrance and introduce natural elements to the space. Like the Typology ring lights, the team was drawn to the planters’ sculptural forms, and the dark-colored concrete offers a contrast to the gray architecture.


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