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Bicycle Station 1

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Insights and Solutions

A bicycle station is a secure, sheltered facility that provides bike parking and other amenities such as changing areas, showers, equipment repair, and rental shops.  A sense of security and an enhanced travel experience can be created by establishing safe environments that reinforce basic personal safety for people and their belongings.

  1. Rental bikes are visible and easily accessible, yet secured to Loop bicycle racks and placed within a sheltered area (custom element). Cyclists can also store their bikes outdoors while using facilities.
  2. Cyclists can safely store their bikes and belongings indoors while taking advantage of possible amenities such as showers and repair services.
  3. Flor benches support cyclists in informal social gatherings before or after cycling activities.
  4. Jessie rails provide a convenient place to lean and place personal items as cyclists congregate near the bike rental and self-serve maintenance areas.
  5. Cyclists can wash and repair bikes in the outdoor maintenance area (custom elements).
  6. Guide bollards define and illuminate the border of the entry and gathering areas, adding security and ambiance.
  7. Litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.