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Suburban Station 1

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Insights and Solutions

The waiting and queuing area within the Suburban Station is a small open air bus or rail stop.  A sense of security and an enhanced travel experience can be created by establishing safe environments that reinforce basic personal safety for people and their belongings.

  1. Connect shelter with Connect rails provide a protected resting place for individuals awaiting imminent arrival of buses or trains. A graphic pattern on the back of the shelter glass provides safety and visual interest, while a route map on each end communicates route information.
  2. A secondary adjoining open seating area with Rest benches set back off the pedestrian path provides a comfortable, safe place to sit at peak transit hours for individuals with longer waits.
  3. Stop bollards, shelter lighting (custom element), and Hi-Glo pedestrian lighting illuminate paths, brighten shelter areas, and define pathway space to enhance safety and security of belongings.
  4. Bikre racks support additional options for travel to suburban stations by providing secure bike storage.
  5. Collect litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  6. Landscaping adds interest and softens hardscaping.