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Regional Station 1

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Insights and Solutions

The waiting and queuing area within the Regional Station is an open, multi-modal depot developed on a regional scale paired with a facility that serves bus and rail lines. By incorporating design interventions that spark social interactions, a more memorable and humanized transit process can be cultivated.

  1. A service hub is integrated with the station to include a ticket counter, coffee shop, rest rooms, and comfortable waiting areas which naturally spark social interactions.
  2. Outdoor coffee and juice bar with Morrison tables, Morrison stools, and TUUCI umbrellas establishes a pleasant spot to socialize while waiting for buses or trains.
  3. Outdoor covered waiting area (custom element) creates a layer of enclosure and protection from the elements while allowing sunlight to illuminate the space.
  4. GO OutdoorTables and Chipman stools offer comfortable spaces and postures for relaxed conversation and connection to power.
  5. Connect sitting rails support conversational perching postures while awaiting buses or trains.
  6. FGP benches provide short-term seating for commuters in bus lines.
  7. Bike racks support additional options for travel to regional stations by providing secure bike storage.
  8. Lo-Glo path lighting defines the boundaries of the station area with a warm ambient glow.
  9. Collect litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  10. Sorella planters offer a habitat for colorful flowers, define boundaries between walk path and waiting areas, and engage visual and olfactory senses.
  11. Outdoor charging stations adjacent to tables, benches and rails provide convenient access to power and USB charging.