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Main Street Plaza 2

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Insights and Solutions

The community plaza is a protected public space near a city center designed to be a hub of community activity. It is a nature-rich, immersive and inspiring outdoor experience that enhances identity and lifestyle.

  1. Upfit structures create the core of this pedestrian plaza, which connects retail shops and townhouses and include areas for walking, cycling, resting, and gathering.
  2. Three adjacent Upfit units with louvered roofs offer protection from the sun and wind; a weather management system offer control of sun and shade levels and rain protection.
  3. Open sides allow inhabitants to connect visually to the people and activity throughout the plaza.
  4. Power running through the Upfit posts and beams accommodates overhead lighting, monitors, fans, and charging access at Upfit in-line and peninsula tables.
  5. Upfit bike racks attached to Upfit posts offer a place for cyclists to secure bicycles.
  6. Twig benches, 21 chairs, and Parc Centre tables within the Upfit structures support daily activities.
  7. Upfit in-line tables and Morrison stools provide standing-height surfaces for socializing and working. Electrical access through the posts power and charge devices.
  8. Generous circulation in front of retail shops accommodates groupings of Verona chairs and tables for relaxing and dining. Equinox umbrellas offer shade and signal a social destination point.
  9. Groupings of Parc Centre tables and chairs take advantage of the sights and sounds of the plaza's water feature.
  10. Presidio benches create a cadence of respite spots along the pathway.
  11. Sorella planters introduce color and texture to storefronts and define perimeters of Upfit structures.
  12. Ashberry area and wall-mounted lights create a safe and secure evening experience.
  13. Annapolis bollards protect the pedestrian walkways from vehicular traffic.