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Linear Park

Insights and Solutions

A Linear Park is an interconnected park typically along rivers, streams, or canals that is connected by pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths. It is a nature-rich and immersive outdoor experience that can offer an inspiring retreat from daily life and enhance personal identity and lifestyle by sparking interactions with nature and with others.

  1. A linear park adjacent to riverfront housing elevates the river as a community resource and celebrates water views.
  2. Wide pathway allows for easy and safe use by pedestrians and cyclists and encourages outdoor activities.
  3. Landscaping intertwines people with nature in an urban setting and helps to demarcate the edges of public and private zones. A sleek, linear rain basin accents plant life and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.
  4. Paved areas and mini-piers encourage community gathering along the waterfront and enhances the community feel of a neighborhood.
  5. Charlie tables and Shade umbrellas create sheltered gathering areas that encourage a sense of community.
  6. Stay benches provide comfortable gathering areas for multiple groups simultaneously.
  7. Jessie rails provide a surface for food or beverages while enjoying luxurious waterfront views.
  8. Guide bollards define the edges of each mini-pier and the end of the main walkway.
  9. Pedestrian lighting provides an element of safety that extends use of the park into the evening hours.
  10. Litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  11. Sorella planters offer a habitat for colorful flowers, define boundaries between walk path and gathering areas, and engage visual and olfactory senses.
  12. FGP bike racks support healthy practices and alternative transit options by providing secure bike storage. This also invites park use by riders coming from a greater distance.