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Pocket Park

Insights and Solutions

A Pocket Park is a small, urban neighborhood park bounded by buildings.  The Pocket Park is designed to offer an oasis; and its transitional spaces integrate nature, offer vital opportunities for pause, and stimulate physical, cognitive, and emotional revitalization.

  1. Paving materials, vertical panels, fence, and overhead canopy (custom elements) all work together to co-create a unique entryway to this peaceful park.
  2. Multiple seating options allow users to gather alone or with others and provide options for retreat and physical, mental, and emotional pause from daily life. All gathering areas have generous space for strollers or wheelchairs to include people of all ages and abilities.
  3. Bancal benches and Sillarga chairs provide a peaceful, casual setting for small social groups.
  4. GO OutdoorTables and Chipman chairs offer opportunities for relaxed intimate visits or group gatherings.
  5. FGP path lighting highlights a circulation path and creates a warm, ambient glow along the perimeter of the park.
  6. Arne wall-mounted luminaires highlight the exterior building walls of the park and illuminate the space to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.
  7. Rosa planters with flowers create visual and olfactory stimulation and add to the immersive experience of the space.
  8. Chipman tables and Chipman chairs support working, dining, and gaming activities.
  9. A small water feature adds both a visual and auditory experience to the setting to further stimulate physical, cognitive, and emotional revitalization.
  10. The angular layout of the park softens the box-like effect of adjacent tall buildings.