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Workshop 2

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Insights and Solutions

The Workshop is a setting designed for teams to work together in active collaboration. By providing a variety of settings that enable connection to and interaction with nature, the workshop stimulates innovation by prompting intellectual curiosity, creativity, and exploration.

  1. This large-scale Upfit workshop is designed to promote collaboration and innovation with multiple spaces for spontaneous or planned, seated or standing, powered or unpowered, and short and long interactions.
  2. Adjacent to the building, Upfit units placed on a deck surface create a transition between indoor and outdoor work.
  3. A combination of Upfit louvered and open roofs, open and slatted interior walls, and glass markerboard panels and display monitors provide choices for the type of work and outdoor connection inhabitants desire.
  4. Upfit louvered roofs provide protection from wind and sun; weather management offers control of sun and shade levels and rain protection.
  5. Power for overhead lighting, monitors, and charging at work surface is delivered through Upfit's posts and beams.
  6. Go OutdoorTables with power and USB charging along with Chipman stools support active postures and facilitate movement between the table and Upfit glass markerboard panels.
  7. Cochran lounge chairs and tables are grouped into a comfortable lounge configuration to encourage active discussion. Upfit glass markerboard panels support the sharing of ideas or an informal presentation.
  8. Socrates benches with the Universe system create an active drop-in zone for brief problem-solving or presentation activities.
  9. Tiered seating on the deck perimeter allows people to relax in unfiltered sunlight and support larger group presentations.
  10. MultipliCITY path lighting defines the perimeter of the deck.
  11. Kornegay Square planters with grasses soften the hardscaping and introduce color and texture into the space.