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Workshop 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Workshop is a setting designed for teamwork where groups can work together in active collaborative sessions.  Providing a variety of outdoor work settings builds culture by nurturing healthy interpersonal work relationships, increasing productivity, and empowering innovation. This leads to a heightened sense of engagement, improved morale, and enhanced sense of accomplishment for employees.

  1. External retractable glass doors (custom element) open up to expand outdoor work areas.
  2. Mobile electronic presentation devices are integrally designed into the space to empower productivity and enable innovative processes indoors and out.
  3. Overhead canopy (custom element) filters sunlight and creates shade to enable use of electronics.
  4. Living plant walls (custom element) create a boundary between the indoor and outdoor work areas.
  5. Interior workshops with large Morrison tables allow for seated height work postures. Prominent marker boards allow for productive work sessions for project teams. Connect leaning rails support perching and leaning postures for productive work sessions on the writable marker boards.
  6. Outdoor settings offer workers the choice of stool-based, task-based, or lounge-based work postures. Morrison tables with Morrison stools provide ample surface area for task-based efforts. Harpo benches with STRATA tables allow for reconfigurable lounge-based work while Jessie rails and Chipman stools offer additional options for standing height and perching work postures. Rails also provide a place to serve food and beverages during interactive work sessions.
  7. MultipliCITY path lighting defines the edge of the outdoor work areas with a warm ambient glow.
  8. Adjacent to seating, tables and rails, Outdoor charging stations provide convenient access to power, USB charging and AV cables.