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Oasis 3

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Insights and Solutions

The Oasis is a small, semi-enclosed area of respite where one can contemplate and do individually focused work. It is designed to promote well-being by promoting a sense of belonging, encouraging personal mindfulness, and fostering rejuvenation all through an immersion in nature.

  1. Internal glass door system (custom element) allows settings to be closed off from co-workers for total privacy.
  2. External retractable glass door system (custom element) can remain closed in inclement weather or opened and stacked for an open air experience.
  3. Chill lounges provide a place for comfortable, relaxed working postures for reading, thinking, and working.
  4. STRATA tables have generous surface area for personal belongings, technology and/or writing space.
  5. FGP Pedestrian Lights illuminate landscaping features along the edges of the space.
  6. A low flower bed adjacent to the deck engages visual and olfactory senses.
  7. Taller grasses sway in the breeze to contribute to an immersive, calming, and rejuvenating outdoor experience.