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Meeting Space 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Meeting Space is an area that supports productive outdoor work sessions for teams to discuss, present, and collaborate.  Designed to stimulate innovation, it provides a palette of settings that enable connection and interaction with nature that stimulates intellectual curiosity, creativity and exploration.

  1. An outdoor deck and portico adjacent to an office space allows for fluid transition of work from indoors to outdoors.
  2. An outdoor meeting space furnished to meet a wide range of postures and work types offers opportunities to work collaboratively or individually, connect with peers and nature to inspire creative thought, and encourages all to use and enjoy the space.
  3. GO OutdoorTables with Chipman stools provide long communal work platforms that facilitate informal meetings for brainstorming, offer power for mobile devices, and spark interaction between individuals and co-workers.
  4. Cochran lounge chairs and Cochran side tables provide relaxed social spaces that connect users to nature and each other.
  5. Chipman table and Chipman chair clusters encourage use for intimate discussions and focused work in the open air.
  6. Large custom planters help define the space while incorporating greenery.
  7. Custom canopy structure reduces glare on screens and provides needed shade to promote comfort while working.
  8. Custom tiered seating along the space perimeter provides additional social or observational space.
  9. MultipliCITY path lights complement the space aesthetics while illuminating the deck edges for safe use.