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Huddle 3

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Insights and Solutions

The Huddle is a space adjacent to hubs optimized for small group gathering and social engagement. The natural postures and comfortable settings that a huddle provides encourages face-to-face connections, stimulates social interaction, and facilitates continuous learning.

  1. A Huddle is typically situated near a plaza or larger assembly point to facilitate small breakouts from large group gatherings.
  2. The furniture configurations encourage collaboration among multiple groups through face- to-face social interactions.
  3. Upfit adaptive structures create Huddle zones between classroom spaces.
  4. Upfit slatted infill panels create a sense of enclosure balanced with an open feel and fresh air circulation.
  5. Upfit louvered panels angle to shade interiors and maximize privacy to aid in student focus.
  6. Upfit peninsula tables and Chipman stools create a work area to support individual or group learning.
  7. Upfit posts and beams route electricity to power lights, display monitors, and charging ports.
  8. Parc Centre tables and 21 chairs support individual short-term study and socialization.
  9. Upfit green panels with wire screens create a lush planted wall on the Upfit structure to soften the space and provide privacy.