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Huddle 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Huddle is a space adjacent to hubs optimized for small group gatherings.   Well-designed environments can encourage today's active approach of constructing knowledge together by supporting effective presentation and collaboration methods.  The Huddle is designed to encourage this type of active learning.  

  1. A Huddle is typically near a Plaza or other hub to facilitate small breakouts from large group gatherings.
  2. Thie circular configuration supports natural social patterns and formations that support active learning.
  3. Hebi bench offers ample seating and space for personal belongings encouraging impromptu collaboration with others.
  4. Chipman table and Chipman stools support more active perching postures which can motivate participation.
  5. Bollards add ambiance while defining space.
  6. Signage provides campus wide wayfinding and identification of available settings which eases navigation.
  7. Curved matte granite surface (custom element) creates a strong aesthetic boundary and functions as a chalkboard encouraging active learning through small group collaboration.
  8. Wood decking creates a warm and inviting setting.
  9. Peripheral plantscaping creates a softened boundary and sense of place.
  10. Outdoor charging station adjacent to table and stools provides convenient access to power and USB charging.