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Oasis 2

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Insights and Solutions

The Oasis is a small area of retreat for individuals to rest, think, work, or quietly converse with others.  It is designed to inspire creativity by connecting individuals or small groups to nature.

  1. An Oasis may be adjacent to a Plaza or strategically placed throughout the campus.
  2. STRATA bench and Chipman chairs provide ample seating and can be configured to support face-to-face connections for small groups inspiring creativity through collaboration.
  3. STRATA table provides plenty of surface area for personal items, beverages, or even a footrest making the space more comfortable, welcoming, and stimulating.
  4. Signage provides campus wide wayfinding and identification of available settings which eases navigation
  5. Translucent fence (custom element) provides attractive seated privacy through subtle materiality lessening creative inhibitions by establishing an increased sense of retreat.
  6. Tree Canopy provides filtered shade reducing exposure to sun and increasing solace of the space.
  7. Peripheral plantscaping creates a softened boundary and sense of place.