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Insights and Solutions

The Wayside is a place to pause along a pathway or adjacent to a gathering hub.  It is designed to inspire creativity by connecting individuals or small groups to nature.

  1. Waysides are easily accessible, typically occur along circulation paths and may be adjacent to Forums and Plazas.
  2. Unrestricted views in an open setting allow for creative inspiration from surroundings.
  3. The furniture configuration encourages collaboration for multiple groups through face-to-face social interactions.
  4. FGP Benches offers ample seating and space for personal belongings encouraging spontaneous pauses for creative thought or conversation with others.
  5. Socrates seating supports brief periods of sitting for quiet contemplation or small group collaboration.
  6. MultipliCITY path lighting guides pedestrians to the space while increasing security, defining space and adding ambiance.
  7. Signage provides campus wide wayfinding and identification of available settings which eases navigation.
  8. Peripheral plantscaping creates a softened boundary and sense of place.