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Insights and Solutions

The Dining area supports dining, socializing, and periods of work between other activities. It supports natural postures and encourages face-to-face connections to stimulate social interaction.

  1. A dining setting is adjacent to a cafeteria and supports dining, studying and socializing.
  2. A wide range of furniture groupings offers students choices of location, shading and postures.
  3. Upfit adapts to the weather conditions with smart, automated louvered roofing.
  4. Upfit slatted infill panels create a sense of enclosure balanced with an open feel and fresh air circulation.
  5. Upfit green panels with wire screens create lush planted walls on the Upfit structure.
  6. Upfit peninsula tables attach to the structure to create dining and working locations.
  7. Harvest table and benches offer generous surface area for community dining and studying.
  8. Gus benches with Chipman tables and chairs support individual short-term study and socialization.
  9. Carousel fixed seating with Disc sun shades provide areas to dine, study or socialize while being protected from the sun.
  10. Power pedestal charging stations adjacent to tables provide convenient access to power and USB charging ports.
  11. Path lighting creates a soft boundary while illuminating the edges of the setting.