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Plaza 2

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Insights and Solutions

The Plaza is a vibrant hub where people gather and is designed to stimulate social interaction by accommodating natural postures and providing settings that encourage face-to-face connections.

  1. A canopied campus plaza creates a destination for students to get together, socialize, learn, and enjoy fresh air.
  2. Canopied GO OutdoorTables and Chipman stools provide ample surfaces and additional shade for study sessions and informal gatherings while providing students with needed access to USB and standard outlet charging.
  3. Flor benches add a sense of spontaneity to the space while sparking social interactions and casual conversations.
  4. Key bike racks continue the youthful aesthetic while supporting campus transit by providing secure bike storage.
  5. Lit Guide bollards define the plaza perimeter and enhance the sense of place.
  6. Central Park Conservancy Recycling System units provide attractive options to dispose of waste and encourage recycling habits camput-wide.