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Skate Park

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Insights and Solutions

The Skate Park is a recreational area designed to support both skateboarders and spectators of the sport.  An array of outdoor settings and postures nurtures engagement by providing opportunities for individuals, small groups, and large groups to engage in physical, thoughtful, and social interactions.

  1. Viewing zones are positioned safely away from skateboarding surfaces to provide convenient and comfortable areas for the skateboarders and spectators to socialize.
  2. Custom trellises designate a semi-shaded area along one edge of the park inviting spectators to view skating activities and events.
  3. Jessie rails provide a temporary resting place and accomodate personal items while viewing skating activities or socializing with others.
  4. Gus planters with seat inserts offer a convenient place for arriving skaters to sit and prepare themselves and their equipment.
  5. Twig benches create informal gathering spaces for small groups before, after, and during skating events to encourage lingering and the development of a sense of community.
  6. Hi-Glo pedestrian lighting allows for safe 24/7 use of the park.
  7. Collect litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  8. Ride bike racks increase accessibility of space and invite a broader audience by encouraging alternative transit options and providing secure bike storage.
  9. Landscaped areas at perimeter soften the hard surface composition of the skate park.