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Community Courtyard

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Insights and Solutions

The Community Courtyard is a private area within an apartment or condominium complex designed for social and leisure activities.  The courtyard helps establish a sense of security, allowing those who are present to fully experience mindfulness and the rejuvenating effects of outdoor spaces.

  1. The privacy created by surrounding walls creates a safe, comfortable, and rejuvenating outdoor gathering area. This space creates a central hub that fosters a sense of community among residents.
  2. Retractable doors link indoor exercise studios and activity rooms to the courtyard offering a refreshing open air experience to residents and their guests. A long water feature made from bamboo creates a Zen-like focal point that unifies the courtyard and the adjacent yoga studio.
  3. Parallel 42 benches, Parc Centre tables and Chipman chairs create a long array of community seating for residents and their guests to relax, socialize, and observe other courtyard activity.
  4. Parallel 42 benches provide convenient places to sit adjacent to a bocce ball court.
  5. Chipman tables and Chipman chairs support working, dining, socializing, or playing games.
  6. Cochran lounge chairs and Cochran side tables provide a comfortable and relaxing gathering place for residents and their guests.
  7. Jessie rails provide a place to lean or perch during social events and bocce ball matches.
  8. MultipliCITY path lighting illuminates the bocce ball court.
  9. MultipliCITY litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  10. Sorella planters offer a habitat for colorful flowers and engage visual and olfactory senses.