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Resort Villa

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Insights and Solutions

The Resort Villa is a vacation dwelling in a tropical setting designed to offer an immersive, open-air lifestyle experience for guests.  Truly memorable experiences are created by fully engaging the human senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound with the physical elements of water, air, earth, and fire.

  1. The open-air villa is designed to create an immersive lifestyle experience for guests that fully engages their senses with four elements: water, air, earth and fire.  Water: A pool, hot tub, and open-air steam bath adjacent to the ocean invite guests to engage with beautiful ocean views and other elements of the natural environment.
  2. Air: Retractable doors allow local breezes to provide morning refreshment and natural cooling into the evening.
  3. Earth: Natural vegetation and topography at perimeter areas enhance the connection to nature.
  4. Fire: An architectural scale fireplace creates a cozy, home-like feel outdoors.
  5. Cochran chaise lounges, Cochran side tables, and TUUCI umbrellas offer shaded poolside comfort while enjoying ocean air.
  6. Cochran lounge chairs with Cochran side tables create a generously scaled and comfortable place to gather upon a central cantilevered deck with refreshing views of the ocean, pool, and natural landscaping.
  7. Chill seating partially submerged in a shallow pool offers a refreshing place to lounge on warm afternoons.
  8. Morrison table and Chipman Chairs offer an invigorating place for dining al fresco.
  9. Guide path lighting softly defines the edge of the arrival walkway and welcomes visitors.
  10. Sorella planters offer a habitat for colorful flowers and create boundaries for the deck and steam bath areas