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Splash Pad

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Insights and Solutions

The Splash Pad is a water feature designed as a destination to encourage active play among children with integral seating for family and caregivers.  Outdoor play environments, such as a splash pad, can create stages for laughing, giggling, jumping, dancing, singing and exploring; activities that are essential to childhood development.

  1. The radial design of the splash pad invites easy access from any direction, encouraging children to laugh, jump, dance, play, and explore.
  2. In addition to providing a stage for children to play, water jets and embedded lighting combine to create a central and aesthetically pleasing focal point for the park.
  3. Silla chairs are arrayed radially in an inner ring to create a comfortable place for family members to sit together while remaining focused on small children. Children feel safe to explore and play because of the nearby proximity of parents and caregivers.
  4. An outer ring of Mingle seating and Shade umbrellas create comfortable shaded gathering areas near the water feature for picnics and breaks from the sun, and can also provide a shaded resting place for parents and caregivers of older children.
  5. Area lighting provides safe effective lighting for evening play.
  6. Loop bike racks are conveniently placed at several points along the perimeter. This increases accessibility of space and invites a broader audience by encouraging alternative transit options and providing secure bike storage.
  7. Austin litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  8. Surrounding landscaping softens hard surface elements in a natural setting.