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Fitness Micro-Park

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Insights and Solutions

The Fitness Micro-Park is a segment of a larger outdoor park or trail system designed to encourage exercise and provide a place to take a break from physical activities.  Providing combined parks and landscapes, like the micro-park, that offer places for activity and respite connects people and enhances city harmony

  1. A combination of seating areas and exercise stations create a park that encourages both activity and rest.
  2. Austin benches provide safe and secure platforms for isometric and plyometric exercises as well as a place to rest or socialize between activities.
  3. Sentinel bollards highlight the micro-park as a destination along the walking path in the evenings, while a combination of hardscaping and plantscaping help to create a sense of place.
  4. Signage aids in park wayfinding while also highlighting key instructional and safety information for exercise stations.
  5. An overhead tree canopy provides shade from sun to create a more comfortable place to gather.

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