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Bicycle Station 2

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Insights and Solutions

The Bike Station is a sheltered space that provides security, wayfinding, and a place to rest. Creating safe environments for people and their belongings establishes a sense of security and releases the mind to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating effects the outdoors offers.

  1. Upfit creates a visible destination point as well as a weather shelter for bikes and people.
  2. Upfit glass panels can display commuting and trail maps.
  3. An Upfit louvered roof and both the Upfit slatted and green panels provide shelter from the elements and a sense of place.
  4. The louvered roof provides protection from wind and sun; weather management offers control of sun and shade levels and rain protection.
  5. In public places, Upfit lighting options such as uplighting in the louvered roof offer a level of security and extend use of the station.
  6. Upfit in-line table offers occupants a convenient surface for organizing belongings; a gathering spot for hikers, cyclists, or commuters; and access to charging for devices.
  7. Parallel 42 benches offer a place to sit and rest or organize gear and belongings.
  8. FGP bike racks provide secure storage of bicycles. Multiple bike racks could be specified for larger bike stations.
  9. Torres path lighting defines the edge of the bike station and provides a level of comfort and security during evening use.
  10. Kornegay Dune planters introduce natural elements into the station's surrounding deck area.
  11. Collect receptacles placed in convenient locations help to keep the area free of litter.