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Rooftop Deck

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Insights and Solutions

The Rooftop Deck is a space that encourages outdoor use within the built environment for a range of activities, from dining and socializing to working.  The space creates memorable experiences with purposeful placement of physical elements that fully engage the senses.

  1. A trio of Upfit structures become pergolas on the rooftop deck, providing shelter, amenities, and a sense of place in an outdoor setting.
  2. Upfit slatted panels offer visual privacy for occupants from inside the building and adjacent pergolas.
  3. The Upfit louvered roof provides protection from wind and sun; weather management offers control of sun and shade levels and rain protection.
  4. Power for overhead lighting is delivered through Upfit's posts and beams. Charging access points can also be located near tables and chairs.
  5. Harvest standing-height tables with Chipman stools offer generous surface for dining or working.
  6. Cochran tables and lounge chairs within the interior of Upfit create conversation groupings around the fireplace.
  7. Cochran chaise lounges offer places to relax and enjoy unobstructed views of the sky.
  8. Pairs of Kornegay Mex Bold planters dot the deck's outer boundary and introduce touches of color.
  9. Groupings of Extasi benches create informal perching zones at entrances to the building.
  10. Charging stations adjacent to Harvest tables provide power access for people working or browsing at the tables.
  11. Torres path lights define the edge of the deck steps.