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Neighborhood Park

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Insights and Solutions

The Neighborhood Park is an open public space in a residential area designed as a gathering place for community events. Providing combined parks and landscapes that offer places for activity and respite connects people and enhances city harmony.

  1. Multiple paths for walkers, joggers, and cyclists encourage healthy activity and spur interaction between neighbors.
  2. A water feature and climbing wall serve as a focal point in the space while promoting relaxation and contemplation.
  3. Furnished areas facilitate communal gatherings for respite, socialization, or dining.
  4. A large centralized open lawn area offers space to run, play, or picnic. Movies can be projected on the rear side of climbing walls.
  5. GO Outdoor Tables with canopies and Chipman stools add shared spaces for casual or spontaneous get-togethers and opportunities to re-charge.
  6. Parc Centre tables and Parc Centre chairs invite dining and gaming in a relaxing setting near the pond.
  7. Hi-Glo pedestrian lighting extends safe illumination into the evening hours, but can be dimmed while movies are projected to minimize glare.
  8. Lo-Glo path lighting effectively lights pathway without creating glare for movie viewing.
  9. Rails near the climbing walls support leaning and resting between climbs.
  10. Collect litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  11. Rest benches offer respite along circulation paths and also provide comfort while viewing climbing activities or movies.