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Scottsdale Civic Center

Scottsdale, AZ

Design Partners

Dig Studio


Bruce Racine

Team Members

Willmeng Construction

Landscape Forms Elements

Arne Lighting, Annapolis Bollard, Customized Parc Vue Bench Swings, Parc Centre Tables and Chairs, Kornegay Cirque Planters, Americana Lounge Chairs

As a true civic and cultural headquarters, the Scottsdale Civic Center’s renovation headed by Dig Studio focused on offering new opportunities for outdoor enjoyment while still honoring the site’s history and significant cultural impact. "This was a very program-oriented project, aimed at creating functional event spaces for the city and transforming the Civic Center into a performance venue and park at the same time,” describes Brandon Sobiech, Principal + Co-Founder, Landscape Architect at Dig Studio.

Sobiech describes his studio’s approach as one of “preservation, enhancement and transformation,” identifying and being sensitive to aspects of the Civic Center that are beloved while discovering opportunities to integrate new activities and flexible programming. "There already existed a nice, mature landscape with a meandering park feel,” he says. "So, we wanted to retain that while bringing clarity to the circulation and the forms of the park.” Major changes include a reduction of turf and renovation of water features to mitigate site water use, and a reorganization of site amenities to better correspond with the abutting Scottsdale City Hall, Public Library and Performing Arts Center.

Layered landscape design at the new Scottsdale Civic Center creates tailored spaces that complement their adjacencies: Adaptable seating and an intimate performance space neighbor the Performing Arts Center, a children’s garden and splash pad bring family activities outside the Public Library, and renovated water features make for a sculptural entrance to the City Hall.

Creating a bridge between new and existing architecture, responding to the layered landscape design, and creating adaptability throughout the day and evening, Landscape Forms lighting appears prominently throughout the public green space. Arne lighting uses its functional versatility to precisely illuminate the range of spaces and scales, while its understated design complements both new features and the distinctive Southwestern architectural stylings of Bennie Gonzales. Another example of enduring outdoor design, Annapolis bollards define space and offer gentle, welcoming illumination.

For Sobiech, it was this timelessness—both aesthetically and functionally—that drew him toward Landscape Forms elements for the Scottsdale Civic Center project. "It’s really helpful to work with a company whose palette allows you to match the exact nature of your project, blending from traditional all the way up into contemporary,” he says. "Especially in civic spaces, we’re looking for this sort of timeless in design because we're thinking about how the pieces will look and perform over the course of the next 30 years.”


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