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Play. Outside. Outdoor Solutions for Recreational Spaces​​



We have leveraged our experience to identify insights and solutions in a range of outside environments--from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces.

Thought Starters
Thought Starters
Site Planner
Places to Play.
It is essential for people of all ages to find moments of escape; to let loose, laugh, play, and - well - just have fun. Landscape Forms provides a variety of tools and inspiration to create these momentary, yet impactful opportunities for renewal in outdoor spaces from public parks to private resorts.

Recreation should be an integral part of life. However, hectic timelines in today's ever-connected world often keep people from fully disengaging from daily concerns to fully engage in life.

A significant opportunity exists to transform underutilized outdoor space into destinations and experiences that breathe new life into individuals, families, and communities.

Enrich the Spirit.
Encourage Play
Create stages that encourage laughing, dancing, singing and exploring.
Nurture Engagement
Nurture engagement for individuals, small groups and large groups by providing an array of outdoor settings that prompt physical, thoughtful, and social interactions.
Enhance City Harmony
Enhance city harmony by providing combined parks and landscapes that provide active space and places for respite, and connect city inhabitants and visitors.
Establish a Sense of Security
Establish a sense of security by creating safe environments for people and their belongings. This releases the mind to experience the full effects of the outdoors.
Make Memorable Experiences
Make memorable experiences by fully engaging multiple human senses with physical elements.
At Landscape Forms, we believe that nothing enriches the spirit quite as profoundly as the simple act of play. By creating a variety of frameworks that encourage laughter, social interaction, physical activity, and retreat; public and private entities can intertwine soul enriching activities throughout their outdoor landscapes. Landscape Forms has created a series of application thought starters incorporating our portfolio of site furnishing, architectural, technology, and lighting elements that do just that. These applications contribute to the design of the outdoor recreational environment by leveraging these strategies to encourage fun, laughter, activity, and connections with nature, city planners, hospitality managers, and landscape architects can make a significant contribution to the quality of life.
Thought Starters
Play Solutions
Be inspired. Browse our application thought starters as you explore innovative, meaningful, and solutions based approaches to activating outdoor environments. Let our ideas spark your imagination to create uniquely empowering, engaging, and rejuvenating experiences outside.
Public Space - NP
Application NP
Neighborhood Park
A neighborhood park is an open public space in a residential area designed as a gathering place for community events.
Primary Insight
Enhance City Harmony
Providing combined parks and landscapes that offer places for activity and respite connects people and enhances city harmony.
Elements, Attributes, and User Experience
  • Multiple paths for walkers, joggers, and cyclists encourage healthy activity and spur interaction between neighbors.
  • A water feature and climbing wall serve as a focal point in the space while promoting relaxation and contemplation.
  • Furnished areas facilitate communal gatherings for respite, socialization, or dining.
  • A large centralized open lawn area offers space to run, play, or picnic. Movies can be projected on the rear side of climbing walls.
  • GO Outdoor Tables with canopies and Chipman stools add shared spaces for casual or spontaneous get-togethers and opportunities to re-charge.
  • Parc Centre tables and Parc Centre chairs invite dining and gaming in a relaxing setting near the pond.
  • Hi-Glo pedestrian lighting extends safe illumination into the evening hours, but can be dimmed while movies are projected to minimize glare.
  • Lo-Glo path lighting effectively lights pathway without creating glare for movie viewing.
  • Connect Rails near the climbing walls support leaning and resting between climbs.
  • Collect litters provide attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  • Rest benches offer respite along circulation paths and also provide comfort while viewing climbing activities or movies.
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Space Planning Tips
From pocket parks to public plazas, there are myriad variables to consider when determining arrangements of site furnishings.
To assist you in the process, we've gathered some basic spacing suggestions based upon our many years of experience activating outdoor spaces.
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