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Travel. Outside. Outdoor Solutions for the Transit Experience



We have leveraged our experience to identify insights and solutions in a range of outside environments--from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces.

Thought Starters
Thought Starters
Site Planner
The role of public
transportation is expanding.
While public transportation will always be about moving people, emerging transit models are implementing broadened concepts with meaningful new propositions. To support this paradigm shift, Landscape Forms provides strategies and tools to inspire more holistic, well-designed transit ecosystems that can significantly enrich living and working aspects of daily life.
An enormous opportunity exists to increase ridership by designing a more engaging outdoor transit experience.
Reimagine The Journey.
Reduce Stress
Reduce stress for travelers and commuters by providing settings that stimulate moments of respite and relaxation.
Spark Social Interactions
Include design interventions that spark social interactions in order to cultivate a memorable and humanized transit process.
Enable Productivity
Enable a sense of accomplishment by providing frameworks for transit that offer provisions to accommodate basic human needs and enable continuous productivity.
Establish a Sense of Security
Create environments that reinforce basic personal safety and security of belongings to enhance the journey for travelers and commuters.
At Landscape Forms, we believe public transportation can be a positive, frictionless, and even rejuvenating process. We leverage our expertise as pioneers in outdoor space to reimagine the transit journey through an innovative, meaningful, solutions-based approach. We couple an understanding of design with expertise in fabrication techniques to support the immense opportunity that exists for forward thinking transit authorities and design firms. To catalyze this thinking, Landscape Forms has created a series of application thought starters for transit incorporating our expansive portfolio of site furnishing, architectural, technology, and lighting solutions. These elements, along with extensive custom capabilities, can contribute to a thoughtful intertwining of objects to smooth and enhance transportation systems by defining new types of settings while leveraging these strategies, transit authorities, city planners and designers can create a truly unique, positive and even fulfilling experience that benefits people, cities and the planet.
Thought Starters
Travel Solutions
Be inspired. Browse our application thought starters as you explore innovative, meaningful, and solutions based approaches to activating outdoor environments. Let our ideas spark your imagination to create uniquely empowering, engaging, and rejuvenating experiences outside.
Travel Insights
Transit - W-U2
Application WU-2
Waiting and Queuing - Urban Station
A waiting and queuing area within an urban station is a large sheltered train, light rail, and/or bus depot developed on an urban scale with dining and retail amenities.
Primary Insight
Spark Social Interaction
By incorporating furnishing settings that spark social interactions, a more memorable and humanized transit process can be cultivated.
Elements, Attributes, and User Experience
  • A bright, active and open station enhances a sense of security while encouraging both interaction and productivity.
  • A range of seating and amenities including a coffee shop and deli offer a choice of comfortable spaces in which commuters can work, wait, socialize, eat and drink.
  • GO OutdoorTables with canopies and Chipman Stools act as anchor points within the large open space while providing standing and perching options for spontaneous interaction, and power for mobile devices.
  • Indoor and outdoor seating/perching areas offer commuters choices while waiting for transit.
  • Levit benches paired with Chipman chairs and Chipman tables create flexible spaces for dining, observing, and small social gatherings.
  • Lakeside planters serve as a visual boundary between transit entry circulation paths and seating areas while connecting commuters to nature.
  • Chipman tables and Chipman chairs provide space for casual dining, conversation, and respite.
  • Collect litter receptacles serve as attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  • Connect rails placed near transit pick-ups and queuing areas offer users informal leaning or perching platforms while waiting.
  • Lit Sentinel bollards surrounding the station grounds provide wayfinding landmarks for evening commuters while defining the station boundaries.
  • MultipliCITY benches act as attractive, spacious seating on which commuters can relax while waiting for transit.
  • Outdoor charging stations adjacent to tables and seating keep commuters connected by providing convenient access to power and USB charging.
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From pocket parks to public plazas, there are myriad variables to consider when determining arrangements of site furnishings.
To assist you in the process, we've gathered some basic spacing suggestions based upon our many years of experience activating outdoor spaces.
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