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We have leveraged our experience to identify insights and solutions in a range of outside environments--from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces.

Thought Starters
Thought Starters
Site Planner
Invigorate daily life.
Whether considering public or residential spaces, there is an opportunity to make daily life feel even more fulfilling, enjoyable, and meaningful. Landscape Forms provides the tools and inspiration to create immersive outdoor experiences that enrich overall quality of life by creating environments that provide the chance to deviate from daily routines, enhance standard of living, and cultivate memories.
It's no secret that most people in today's society live a busy, over-stressed, and deskbound lifestyle that can at times feel it lacks inspiration and meaning.
People are hungry for opportunities to connect with themselves and others, but often lack space, time, and resources.
Connect. Support. Fulfill.
Promote Well-being
Promote well-being by designing spaces that intertwine indoor and outdoor living. This connection to nature initiates a sense of belonging, encourages personal mindfulness, and stimulates rejuvenation.
Enhance Identity & Lifestyle
Enhance personal identity and lifestyle by creating immersive and nature-rich outdoor experiences that offer an inspiring retreat from daily life by sparking interactions with nature and with others.
Encourage Presence in the Moment
Improve quality of life by encouraging presence in the moment. By creating a purposeful interventions that inspire connections with nature, others, and oneself; meaningful physical, emotional, and intellectual experiences are created.
Stimulate Activity
Develop magnetic downtown areas that sustain people, economies, and infrastructures by providing opportunities for humanized connections through fun, play, art, exploration, and interaction.
Offer an Oasis
Leverage nature to create calming oases. These transitional spaces offer vital opportunities for pause, which stimulates physical, cognitive, and emotional revitalization.
At Landscape Forms, we believe that a connection to nature and others can ignite a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. By filling activating outdoor public and residential spaces we can make simple changes that dramatically improve life. To inspire these, Landscape Forms has created a series of application thought starters incorporating our portfolio of site furnishing, architectural, technology, and lighting elements.
Architects, designers, planners, and landscape architects can make a significant contribution to overall quality of life by leveraging these strategies to enrich city life through connections with nature.
Thought Starters
Live Solutions
Be inspired. Browse our application thought starters as you explore innovative, meaningful, and solutions based approaches to activating outdoor environments. Let our ideas spark your imagination to create uniquely empowering, engaging, and rejuvenating experiences outside.
Thought Starters
Public Space - MSP
Application MSP
Main Street Plaza
A main street plaza is a central, open pedestrian space adjacent to a mixed use development that ties together retail, residential, and public space with active paths, restful gathering areas, and natural elements.
Primary Insight
Enhance Indentity and Lifestyle
Nature-rich and immersive outdoor experiences that offer an inspiring retreat from daily life can enhance personal identity and lifestyle by sparking interactions with nature and with others.
Elements, Attributes, and User Experience
  • A central thoroughfare invites foot traffic, activity, and energy to the plaza, while a much narrower path in front of townhomes is scaled for use by residents.
  • A welcoming water feature grounds the entry of the plaza.
  • GO OutdoorTables with canopies and Chipman stools provide welcoming, shaded and casual gathering places as well as USB charging for mobile devices.
  • Presidio benches create respite spots along path and can also be used as a platform for stretching and body weight exercises.
  • Parc Centre tables and Parc Centre chairs adjacent to the water feature provide a casual, acoustically soothing setting for socializing, dining, or working.
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San Antonio, TX
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San Francisco, CA
ProMedica Corporate Campus & Promenade Park
Toledo, OH
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San Mateo, CA
Space Planning Tips
From pocket parks to public plazas, there are myriad variables to consider when determining arrangements of site furnishings.
To assist you in the process, we've gathered some basic spacing suggestions based upon our many years of experience activating outdoor spaces.
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