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Precision is powerful. Designed by Urbidermis Santa & Cole, the new Gunnar lighting system marries advanced performance with innovative adaptability to help create tailored lighting programs that achieve more with simple, minimalist appeal.
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Landscape Forms manufactures a wide array of outdoor lighting that can be found as part of a complete product family or as stand-alone solutions in classic, contemporary and traditional style.
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Profile’s sculptural form and architectural scale facilitate day use of public spaces as a wayfinding element and night use as a source of light and comfort. Designed in collaboration with award-winning lighting designer Linnaea Tillett and Tillett Lighting Design Associates.
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Landscape Forms believes the goal of outdoor lighting is not
to turn night into day, but to provide effective, appropriate,
and beautiful lighting that delivers great visual experience.
Design. Technology. Ecology
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For the Smart Outdoor Space. SHUFFLE integrates lighting, connectivity, and safety and communication devices to improve the sense of security and well-being outdoors. It’s a product of our new partnership with Schréder, a global leader in lighting and smart-city technologies.
SHUFFLE Collection Lighting                                                                              
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Our outdoor lighting is installed in high-profile landscape environments. Project types cover a broad range from streetscapes, university campuses, and public parks to corporate courtyards, retail and hospitality settings, therapeutic gardens and healthcare facilities.
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Enlighten Journal is a collection of illustrated articles on all things lighting, from interviews with leading lighting designers to information on lighting technology, performance, design, environmental impact, and the quality of visual experience. These stories are meant to encourage you to explore and use outdoor LED lighting in ways you’ve not yet considered.
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