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Designed By Schréder

SHUFFLE combines advanced technology and modern design to bring unparalleled new functionality to outdoor spaces. Integrating modular lighting, connectivity, and safety and communication devices, it creates a sense of security and well-being outdoors — enhancing the quality of life of residents and visitors.


Designed for plug-and-play simplicity 

Modular features include network-connected lighting, Wi-Fi, security cameras, motion sensors, intercom, horn and strobe

Can be integrated into EXEDRA, Schréder’s innovative lighting control system


Schréder is a worldwide leader in intelligent outdoor lighting solutions. Their tradition of engineering means they have been at the forefront of innovation throughout their history. The latest wave of urbanism means city centers are becoming more vital than ever: connectivity is crucial. Experts in Lightability™, Schréder propose lighting infrastructure that will play a pivotal role in building Smart Cities and future communication networks. In 2019 they have started creating the future of Lightability™, from Portugal to the world. They have built a hub of excellence in Lisbon, Schréder-Hyperion, aiming to position them amongst the global leaders of Smart City solutions. For this, Schréder has a team of over 60 highly talented people excited about making a difference.

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