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A Smart New Approach to Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting is increasingly being asked to go beyond mere illumination or navigation. There's new demand for its design to impact people on a deeper level-to make us feel welcome, safe, productive, confident and connected. Quite simply, to enhance our overall life experiences outdoors. That's the inspiration behind SHUFFLE, a smart and multi-functional lighting-based system that leans into the more human benefits of lighting design to bring new value to outdoor spaces.

SHUFFLE combines advanced technology and modern design to bring unparalleled new functionality to outdoor spaces.

Integrating lighting, connectivity, safety and communication devices, SHUFFLE is a plug-and-play solution for landscape architects, architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, municipalities, and developers who are increasingly being asked to better incorporate technology as an amenity into their site designs. 

"Expectations are changing regarding the amenities in outdoor spaces," says Landscape Forms Lighting President, Jordan Agustin. "At one time, a bench and light were all that was expected, but now users, designers, and owners expect Wi-Fi, 5G connectivity, levels of security, and the appropriate amount of light. Expectations continue to be raised on what defines a high-end outdoor space." 

SHUFFLE is a result of Landscape Forms' partnership with renown outdoor lighting manufacturer Schréder -- a global, family-owned company driving innovation in lighting for over 100 years. More recently, Schréder has also been focusing on connected smart-city technologies. 

Integrating lighting, connectivity, and safety and communication devices, it creates a sense of security and well-being outdoors-enhancing the quality of life of residents and visitors.
Designed with plug-and-play simplicity, SHUFFLE is available in four preconfigured models.

SHUFFLE's industrial design pedigree is evident in how it balances profound functionality with elegant, streamlined form. Its minimalist, restrained approach to aesthetics enables it to interact harmoniously with both the built and natural environments, while its innovative use of technology incorporates key amenities like Wi-Fi, motion sensors, security cameras and wayfinding tools into the column itself. By combining all these previously disparate systems and amenities into a single fixture, SHUFFLE simplifies the creation of new smart spaces, reduces visual clutter, and presents a more sustainable option that uses less material in manufacturing. 

Combining Wi-Fi access points, security systems, and 360-degree area lights, SHUFFLE is designed to provide the tools and technologies needed to study, work, shop and socialize conveniently and safely outdoors. Using controllable dimming and network connected on-demand functionality, SHUFFLE illuminates roads, streets and other outdoor areas where creating a safe, pleasant atmosphere is key. Designed to provide an invaluable lifeline and welcoming sense of reassurance, SHUFFLE is specially configured with a strobe, horn and intercom to quickly and easily help people and emergency services in critical situations. With a robust camera system and other public safety features, SHUFFLE helps to create safe, welcoming outdoor environments where public security is important. 

With its elegant and streamlined design, SHUFFLE enhances the aesthetics of any site.

For Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer Kirt Martin, SHUFFLE provides a new and innovative method of defining outdoor spaces. "Being connected to the landscape and to others sharing a space is key in developing a sense of place and enhancing its user experience," he says. "With SHUFFLE, we're using innovative lighting and smart technology to accomplish what we've always been about - helping people to enjoy outdoor space to its fullest."