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Advanced technology that defines any space.

SHUFFLE combines advanced technology and modern design to bring unparalleled new functionality to outdoor spaces. Integrating lighting, connectivity, and safety and communication devices, it creates a sense of security and well-being outdoors—enhancing the quality of life of residents and visitors. A smart, multifunctional system with lighting at its core, SHUFFLE is designed with plug-and-play simplicity in four different models: SHUFFLE Campus, SHUFFLE Light, SHUFFLE SOS, and SHUFFLE Security, each with three configurations to accommodate a wide variety of applications.  

With its elegant and streamlined design, SHUFFLE enhances the aesthetics of any site. And because it offers such functional versatility, designers can be precise and intentional in their plans, bringing visual interest and cues of comfort and convenience to the different spaces they create.

All SHUFFLE models can be integrated into Schréder EXEDRA, the most open and advanced lighting management system on the market. EXEDRA supports SHUFFLE installations with a wealth of data and configurability options to maximize energy savings, minimize carbon footprint, ensure safety for people by providing the right light in all circumstances, and importantly, lay the foundation for the smart city technology of the future. Through advanced data analytics tools, presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalization and decision making that can be managed at anytime, anywhere with ease.​

SHUFFLE is a product of Landscape Forms' collaboration with Schréder, a global leader in lighting and smart-city technologies for more than 100 years.