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Roundtable - Public Transit

Hosted By TriMet

On April 26-27, 2017 Landscape Forms convened a group of thought leaders from public transit agencies, private companies and the design professions for a moderated roundtable on public transit. The event was held in Portland, Oregon, home of TriMet, one of the nation's most successful municipal public transit agencies, and was moderated by Robert Hastings, FAIA, Agency Architect for TriMet Capital Projects and Construction Division.

The goal was to capture high-level thinking on creating viable, sustainable public transit that elevates the rider experience, builds support for public investment, and promotes livable communities. Roundtable guests included public transit agency professionals from TriMet and the Utah Transit Authority; an executive strategist from infrastructure manufacturer Siemens; a design visionary from BMW Group DesignWorksUSA; a data analytics specialist and principal of urban planning firm Urban3; and architects, landscape architects and planners from a diverse range of practices. They brought extensive experience in transit-related planning and design, community engagement, and the public entity/private stakeholder interface at the heart of complex transit projects.

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