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Roof Terrace

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Insights and Solutions

The Roof Terrace is designed to provide views, access to light, and fresh air.  Settings that encourage informal social exchanges improve communication between patients and providers, which can reduce stress and foster the healing process.

  1. Terrace should be positioned to minimize views from building inhabitants above.
  2. Multiple settings offer a choice of lounge-based or stool-based postures for multiple types of social interaction.
  3. Seating groupings are located near railings to allow for open views.
  4. Custom trellis creates a sense of place while also adding a degree of privacy and shade.
  5. Parc Centre lounge seating and Parc Centre tables facilitate casual group conversations.
  6. Chipman tables and Chipman stools are ideal for brief conversations or staff breaks.
  7. Gus planters ground seating areas and soften the deck with colorful flowers and other green plantings.
  8. Outdoor charging stations adjacent to tables, chairs and stools provide convenient access to power and USB charging.