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Meet Motive

Landscape Forms' Newest Lighting Family

Motive is a family of sophisticated lights that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting to create out-of-the-ordinary settings. Designed by Justin Champaign, the neutral sculptural form and broad line address an array of applications for buildings and grounds, pathways, social spaces, and high-profile areas such as art installations and entrances.

The luminaire’s sculptural interior creates ripples of light.

Motive introduces lighting firsts for Landscape Forms. The line includes a floor lamp with a striking minimalist design that offers landscape designers and architects new possibilities for outdoor lighting schemes. Motive also debuts a clear lens with a hidden light source and sculpted fixture interior that emanates soft ripples of light.

"We wanted to make the lights more artistic, more sculptural. We considered the lens and how to express the beauty of the inside of the luminaire.”

– Site Li, Product Designer, Landscape Forms

The outdoor floor lamp creates intimate, artistic settings and signals destinations points. Groupings of Motive floor lamps offer illuminated wayfinding.

"Point source lighting in an outdoor environment is surprising. We experience the pool of light that the outdoor floor lamp creates. There is a delightful relationship between the light that is produced and the wonder about where the light comes from.”

– Justin Champaign, Founder and Principal Designer, Most Modest

A downward cast of light on the area and path lights’ tapered poles creates an ombré effect.

The Motive family includes area lights, a path light, a wall-mounted light, a pendant light, and an outdoor floor lamp. Each luminaire offers its own visual experience. Motive’s technologically advanced LED configuration creates smooth, even light; lamp and reflector design eliminates glare. The lights are offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K temperatures and are UL listed.

A halo of light circling a wall-mounted fixture seemingly floats along a facade.

The area, path, and pendant lights have full cut-off, and all but the floor lamp are dimmable. A diffused lens is also available on area, path, and wall-mounted lights. The luminaires are made of cast aluminum with a powdercoat finish and offered in a selection of colors. The floor lamp has a steel base.

Pendant lighting creates intimate settings

"Experiencing Motive lights is not like a typical light experience. Where you usually see a shade and a bulb, Motive’s design surprises. It’s a magical experience as you evaluate the object and then experience the illumination almost independently.”

– Justin Champaign, Founder and Principal Designer, Most Modest


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