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Landscape Forms & TUUCI

Partners Cut from the Same Cloth

Ocean Master MAX Classic is a deluxe shade structure offered in three versions. These beautifully tailored elements provide expansive shade ability and exceptional strength.

"I see Landscape Forms as a big brother of sorts to TUUCI—a company that’s a bit more mature with a greater history behind it, but also a company that distinctly shares our DNA, our vision and our values,” says Patrick Troy, Vice President of Sales at TUUCI.

Like many great partnerships forged in the design and landscape architecture world, Landscape Forms and TUUCI first connected at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in 2014. “I remember meeting Kirt Martin for the first time at ICFF, and assumed he was just passing through our booth. But he stayed and talked, and we discovered the unique similarities between our two companies. The relationship really blossomed from there,” recalls Troy.

The backgrounds of the two companies are, in fact, remarkably similar, reaching back to their founders’ dedication to craft and the desire to create more inspired outdoor experiences. Born twenty-one years ago, TUUCI was founded by Dougan Clarke, a boatbuilder with a passion for great design and an affinity for creating quality products that stand the test of time. “Much like John Chipman Sr.,” Troy observes, “Dougan saw a need for something that he could do better and decided to fulfill it—improving on his industry, and further enhancing the outdoor space,” says Troy.

Bay Master MAX Classic parasols are flexible and light-weight, and built to gracefully withstand the high winds, blazing sun and corrosive salt air of coastal settings.
Plantation MAX Classic is a deluxe shade structure featuring Aluma-TEAK™ structures and center poles, an innovation that combines the strength of aluminum with the warm look of wood.

TUUCI soon became known for creating some of the most innovative and highest quality shade platforms in the industry. Drawing on their marine heritage, every parasol, lounge and cabana is meticulously engineered and manufactured in Miami to perform in the most demanding environments. And beyond simply performing, TUUCI’s products also turn heads. Designed with a signature sense of style, an attitude of aesthetic courage and confidence, TUUCI truly stands out in its field.

“When we meet leaders in their class who share our culture and dedication to craft, we’re always interested in finding ways to work with them,” explains Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer. “That’s what we’ve found in TUUCI. Like us, TUUCI is a design-founded and design-led company, something we value very highly. And like us, TUUCI is a brand leader. It’s been fun and inspiring to collaborate with them in redefining outdoor spaces through shade and cover in a modern, elegant way.”

Both companies also share a commitment to environmental accountability and strong motivation to find new ways to improve the sustainability of their products. "Our sustainability approach again goes back to our founder’s history as a boatbuilder—if something breaks on a boat, you’re obviously not throwing the whole boat away,” chuckles Patrick Troy. "So, since day one, we’ve designed our umbrellas to be modular. Should something break in a storm or other extreme circumstance, you simply replace the component. But that being said, we have umbrellas that have been out in the field virtually unaffected for over 20 years—a testament to our quality and a cornerstone of our sustainability.”

TUUCI is also a proud participant in the Sunbrella® Renaissance program, a sustainability initiative in which all scraps left over from cutting shade canopies to shape are returned to the fabric supplier. These scraps are then reduced to their fiber state and upcycled to create new, attractively mottled textiles.

TUUCI’s most durable and wind-resistant design is the Ocean Master MAX F-1 that features high-tension stainless steel reinforcement cable.
Stingray is a shade structure and a shade sculpture in one enchanting form that is inspired by the natural world.

Looking ahead, Kirt Martin sees the worlds of TUUCI and Landscape Forms growing closer together. “There’s a new priority being placed on outdoor spaces — to make them more inviting, more productive, more versatile, more livable. TUUCI’s pedigree in shade will be a huge asset for us as we continue to meet this growing demand by designing unique, rewarding outdoor experiences,” he says. “The future is ours to create.”