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Bell Street

Seattle, WA

Landscape Forms Elements:

Rama Area Lights

Design Partners:

SvR Design Company, Hewitt Architects

Team Members:

The City of Seattle

Bell Street in downtown Seattle is the site of an exciting experiment modeled on the Dutch concept of the “living street:” space shared by cars, bicycles and pedestrians. The city invested in infrastructure and public amenities to change the dynamic of this formerly rundown area, now the scene of residential, restaurant and retail activity. The lighting challenge was to provide energy efficient lights for both street and sidewalks that would help create a special identity for the area. The City of Seattle, working with the multidisciplinary design firms SvR Design Company and Hewitt Architects, chose Rama LED lights in lieu of municipal standard lighting for the project. Rama dual height street and pedestrian luminaires mounted on single poles provide lighting targeted to separate functions, reduce pole clutter, and make a strong design statement about the value of Bell Street to the city’s vision for the future.

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