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Walking Garden

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Insights and Solutions

The Walking Garden is an extended garden along a path to encourage exercise. Settings that reinforce a sense of belonging and orientation within a space reduce stress and assist in navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

  1. A level, smooth, and gently curving path with no right angles or cessation points contributes to a sense of orientation.
  2. Wide walking paths are suitable for multiplie wheelchairs.
  3. A seating alcove is positioned in a semi-secluded manner to provide a place to rest and socialize.
  4. Neoliviano benches provide ample seating for small goups and configurations create inclusive seating arrangements for patients in wheelchairs.
  5. An overhead trellis (custom element) in the seating alcove provides shade and creates an increased sense of belonging.
  6. STRATA tables provide generous surface area for personal items.
  7. Guide path lighting illuminates the path and edges of the seating alcove to provide a sense of warmth.
  8. Signage provides campus wide wayfinding and identification of available settings to ease navigation.
  9. A granite wall (custom element) offers a windbreak for increased comfort.
  10. Sculptures along the path create additional visual interest and motivate activity.
  11. Plant materials provide a sense of continuity while set planting areas create distinctive accents to the journey.